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The North American Motorcycle Alliance (NAMA)


NAMA is an organization that is dedicated to promoting the Biker, Motorcyclist, and Motorcycle Enthusiast’s experience and life style, utilizing its website as a vehicle for information on where, when, and what to ride. The website is configured as a motorcycle information network so that motorcycle riders can continue old relationships and foster  new friendships with like-minded people.

Although there is a possibility that people will come together in a romantic way as a result of this site, that is not the intent of this Alliance. is not a dating website! We will leave the drama and heartache of matchmaking to other websites, some of which advertise here.

NAMA, being an alliance of the different groups found in motorcycling, allows for the free exchange of information between individuals. With this site you can search for motorcycle events with one of the most powerful event search engines anywhere. We are committed to giving you more information than any other site for all types of events, making it easier for you to plan you day, weekend, week, month, or season. Our event platform is so powerful that is will continue to search even when you not logged in. With our Event Agents, you can set up multiple search criteria that will continue to monitor the events and notify you when a new one is posted.

It does not matter what type of bike you ride if you ride on the front seat or the back. Whether your ride style is touring, curser, cafe, dual sport, sport, or vintage, everyone has something to contribute. NAMA has an area to list those places that are Biker Friendly or Motorcycle Friendly. It is our motto to "Ride Where Your Welcome. Don't put up with attitude when you're on the road. It is all about the ride, the destination, and oftentimes the right information provided by others, your experience can be that much better.

We are interested in your opinions and definitely want to hear about the places you ride or visit, the good and bad and the ugly. Comment on the places others have posted to help enrich everyone’s experience. Let us know what event(s) are important to you and the ones that you enjoy the best. Tell us and others where to ride and at what time of the year to ride there. Tell us know about the different equipment, supplies, or gear that you use and how it performs.

And, of course, this being an alliance of different groups with a common interest, don't forget to socialize. Chat with others and make friends. Schedule rides through the event manager so that others in your area can participant. It does not have to be a formal event or ride, it can be small and personal or you can include as many as want to participate. Pick a time and place, post it on the event calendar, and then you decide who can view it: friends only, members only, or the public.

The North American Motorcycle Alliance encompasses both the United States of America and our friends in Canada. Both countries have unlimited places to ride and enjoy this life style. If you have not signed up yet, then what's stopping you? Become a member and grow with the Alliance! 



"Ride Where You're Welcome"



The Staff


Jerry Frech (JDawg) - President/CEO

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Jim Lana (eRider) - Vice President Operations

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Tim Schenk (Zoester) - Manager Customer Service

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Ms. Lisa (Evetnster) - Manager Event and Special Services

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