Making a map of a Road

In order to define the exact route/location of a Road/Destination for which you are making a listing, you first need to go to Google Maps and create the map. Google Maps will generate an HTML code which can be copied into your listing on This will create an interactive map of the Road you are adding.


Here's how to make and add the map to your posting.


Step-by-step Instructions for mapping a Road for your listing:


1) Start by entering the start and end location of the Road/Destination in the "Get Directions" fields on Google Maps. If there is no address associated with the beginning or end, simply input a 'dummy' start and end location (Fig. 1). From here, you can drag the markers so that they are at the two ends of the route. You can also drag mid-sections of the route so that they exactly trace the route of the Road (Fig. 2).


2) Once you are satisfied with the Google Map, click the icon that looks like a chain link and copy the HTML code (Fig. 3.)


3) On, click the Overview Tab [Overview] tab while in the editor for the Road/Destiantion you are trying to map. Then, click the HTML icon [HTML] icon. A window will appear. Paste the HTML code from Google Maps (from step 2) into the window and click Update. (Fig. 4) *Note: If you are adding a New Road/Destination, you must first submit the form which asks for the Road's Title, description, etc... and then you will have access to the Overview Tab tab. If you have already added the Road, you can view the listing and click to access the Overview Tab tab.


4) Click [Save Overview].


Now when the listing for this Road/Destination is viewed, the exact route/location will appear on an interactive Google Map.


If you are still having trouble, please email with your issue.



Figure 1.

Dummy Location


Figure 2.

Drag Route


Figure 3.



Figure 4.

Figure 4