Start Time / End Time

Start Time

The Start Time of an event can mean different things. In some instances it indicates when an event's registration begins. In other instances, it can be the time the ride actually starts, or when the festival begins, etc... Please contact the event organizer if you are unsure what is being indicated by the Start Time. 

The start-date of the event is also included in the Start Time. 

End Time

Load up the saddle bags and head home. Some events last days, some only hours. The End Time is when the Event is scheduled to end. 

Sometimes it is hard to put an End Time to an event, so an event organizer may just set it as 11:55 pm or something, just as a placeholder. Again, contact the event organizer if you need a better idea of when the event might end. 

Suggestions when Creating an Event:

Ensure that NAMA users know exactly what your Start Time indicates by also describing the event Start Time in the Event Description. For events lasting longer than one day, set the Start Date as the first day of the event. In the same respect, set your End Date as the last day of the event. If the event is only one day long, make the Start and End date the same. 

If the End Time is not clearly defined, you must still enter a time. Since it is tough to tell exactly when a ride will end or when a cook-out will run out of food, try setting an End Time to the latest time possible.