Known Event Logo Issue

We have discovered a problem where your logo may disappear during the process of Creating An Event


This issue will affect you only under the following conditions:


When creating an Event, if you forget to fill in a required field (e.g. forgot to select a Start/End Time) or make an invalid entry into one of the fields, you will be asked to correct your submission. An Error Message error message will appear at the top of the page. If you had already selected a file to upload as the Event Logo before clicking Save Changes and then got an error message, the Event Logo will be erased. Therefore, you will need to re-select the image file you would like to use for your Event Logo, correct the error, and then click Save Changes to create the event. Every time you attempt to submit an Event with an error in one of the fields, the Event Logo will have to be re-selected. 


If you create the event and forgot to re-select the Event Logo, you can always go back and edit the Event Details in order to add the Event Logo.


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