Advanced Activity Feed

The Activity Feed is a real-time update of the activity on (Fig. 1).


The Activity Feed is located on the home page of [You are brought to the home page upon logging in with your username. You can go to the home page at any time by clicking the NAMA icon at the top-left corner of the page or by clicking Home in the main toolbar.]


The Activity Feed is a means of keeping up to date with the NAMA community at a glance. It will be instantly loaded with information about the most recently added events, POI's, members, etc...


You may selectively choose who is able to see things you post on the Activity Feed. Either share with the community as a whole or choose to only share with Friends or even just certain members (Fig. 2).


The Activity Feed can also be used to share media such as photos, links, videos, and your location (Fig. 3). In addition, you may refer to certain members within your post.


Figure 1.

Activity Feed


Figure 2.

Custom Sharing


Figure 3.

Activity Feed Sharing