Are you going somewhere new or looking for more points of interest in your area? 


Search and add destinations with the Destination feature in order to find and share interesting, historical or beautiful destinations with other members. 


You can search Destinations by description, location, and category. You can also browse a map of Destinations in order to find what you are looking for (Fig. 1) by going to the Locations tab within the Destinations page. Once you have located something you are interested in you can view the location, description, and photos of the Destination.


To add a Destination click New Destination on the Destinations page and fill in the necessary information so that other members can find the destination. If there is no address for your Destination, make sure the overview contains directions to the location. You may also add a Google map to your posting by following the Procedure for Adding a Map to a Destination.


In addition, you may edit or delete your posting at any time by first viewing the posting and then clicking  Edit Details Button or Delete Button, respectively.

Don't forget to save any changes to your posting.


Once you have created a Destination, you can add photos of the location. You can add/delete these photos at any time. If you have your own photos of a Destiantion posted by another member, you may add those photos to the Destintion posting. Additionaly, members may add thier own photos to a Destination which you post (depending on your privacy settings for the POI which are set when you create the POI). 


Figure 1.

Destinations Map