There are two description fields for each event: Brief Description and Event Description.

Brief Description

The Brief Description is a short blurb which sums up the event. This should summarize the event in a few sentences. This will appear when viewing a list of events (Fig. 1)


Event Description 

The event description explains the in's and out's of the event. Who? What? When? Where? and most importantly WHY? A good description will include all the information you need to attend the event, but any questions should be directed towards the Contact listed in the event. 

Remember: All inquiries about event details should be confirmed with the event organizer or the contact for the event. is not responsible for misinformation, so please check your facts!

Suggestions when Creating an Event:

The Brief Description is limited to 250 characters, so make it short and sweet. The Brief Description will be visible when a user is browsing through the event catalog (Fig. 1).


When it comes to the Event Description, don't leave anything out! This is your space to put it all out there, prevent any confusion, and get everyone excited about your event. You can include details such as:



-Start/End/Registration/Kickstands-Up Time

-Mission Statement

-Info about food

-Links to hotel information

-Anything else that might help NAMA users or promote your event

Figure 1.