How to I turn on/off email notifications?

Why am I getting email notifications?

By default, NAMA will send you notifications for various activities taking place on which relate to you. For example, if someone comments on something you've posted, or details of an event you are attending change, you will receive an email from

IMPORTANT: Even if you'd like to turn off certain types of notifications, please make sure this email address is included in your email's "safe list" to prevent it from being considered as spam. NAMA will never send you spam emails. 

How do I turn off notifications?

Turning off email notifications is straightforward. Simply go to Settings and then navigate to the Notifications tab. From there, you can select which type of notifications you would like to receive based on what you care about (Fig. 1). Maybe you don't want to know every time someone comments on something you've posted, but you want to be updated if the Poker Run you are attending is moved from Saturday to Sunday.

Simply select/deselect your notifications to your liking:

Figure 1.