This is the location of the event. If the address is recognized by Google, a Map will be available to view in the "Where" section of the event posting (Fig. 1). Just click the link to see the location of the event. Please verify all information with the event organizer.

Figure 1.


Suggestions when Creating an Event:

Choose your country/city/state from the dropdown boxes; do not type in a country/city/state which is not already present in the dropdown box. If your country/city/state is not present in the dropdown box, choose the city which is closest to yours, or include this information in the Event Details. 


This is the address of the Event Location. If the address is valid, and the correct Country, State, and City is entered along with it, a Google Map of the event will automatically be available when viewing the event. Also, the zip code will automatically be filled in.

Once again, that's the:

-Street Address




-Zip Code (auto-fill)

If these are entered so that Google Maps can recognize the address, a map will automatically be generated and available in the event posting.

If the address is not recognized by Google, the map may not display the exact location of the event. (Be careful, this may lead to confusion). 

If there is no exact address associated with the event, enter the information you know. Don't forget to include enough information about the location in the Event Description so that users can find your event.