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Milwaukee Ride

Posted By BroBrown     September 12, 2013    


As stated in on my main page, Another member of the Delta Posse MC and myself had planned a year ago to attend this years 110th Harley Davidson Anniversary Event in Milwaukee, Wi.  We had r route planned out and had r bikes prepped ready to leave August 22nd giving us 7 days to leasurely get half way across the country.  We left early Friday A.M. heading North on Hwy I-5 to make a stop in Redding, Ca to have a prearranged lunch with an old friend of r's, who now resideds in this area!  After hearing r destination and seeing r rides, he was hooked and advised us that he's getting a bike so he can go to Sturgis with us next year!  We continued North veering Northwest to end up in Klamath Falls, Or. 

Up early for r ride to and around Crater Lake!  Got some real nice picts of the place!  Clearest blue water u ever saw!  We continued North with r destination for the evening being Portland, Or.  Dont schedual ur arrival to coinside with rush hour traffic on a Friday afternoon!  We ended up wer we wanted at a hotel near the airport, as thats wer we wer going to cross the river the next morning!  After settling in r hotel my riding partner Brad called his brother who lives in town, and I called another friend who once worked with us!  We spent the night partying, and telling lies! 

Had a bit much the night b4 cause we got a late start leaving at 9A.M.  We crossed the Columbia Gorge and on the Washington side we headed East on SR Hwy14!  After stopping for a few pictures to document this event we ended up that afternoon in Lewiston, Id.  As luck would hav it r hotel was right next to the Harley dealer in town, and they wer still open!  After pickin up a shirt from Hells Canyon HD, and grabbin a bite to eat we hit the hotel pool!  Was a hot day and the pool was cool and inviting, guess it was to inviting cause a 9 or 10 year old kid jumped in not realizing the water was over his head and he couldnt swim!  Glad I was there, I saw him floundering and pulled him up and over to to the side!  God had me take this trip for a reason, and I beleive that was it! 

Anyways we got another early start and headed East on SR Hwy 12!  What a beautiful ride, cliffs and forests everywheres!  Not like dried out, brown Commiefornia!  So later that afternoon we stopped in Butte, Mt.  Treated rsevles to a steak dinner that night! 

Another early mornin heading East on Hwy94.  We only made it as far as Miles City, Mt. that afternoon, but it was still a 400 plus mile day in the hot, humid sun!  Had a chinese dinner, which was next door to the hotel and hit the pool again1  No one to save from drowning here! 

Good nights sleep and an early rise to head into North Dakota.  Crossed the whole state ending up in Fargo!  After checking a few hotels with no pool, we found one next to a Hooters Restaurant!  We didnt go to Hooter's, instead we ate at the hotel restaurant which was over priced , and hit the pool again! 

Got up next morning and wheeled out around 8A.M, I think the hotel had bed bugs cause my calves wer bit up!  We continued r journey via Hwy 94 and decided we didnt want the road confusion around Minneapolis, so we detoured South on SR71.  This also gave us time to see more landscape than highway scenery!  Lotsa corn fields and the smell of manure, with water everywhere. Minnesota definitely is the land of 10,000 lakes!  We stopped in a place called Jackson, Mn which is on Hwy90!  Decent hotel restaurant and once again in the pool! 

I think we left about 9A.M. from here cause it was a 300 plus mile day ahead of us to Milwaukee.  The only place we had prior reservations was in the Milwaukee area, precisely in Germantown, which is mayb 10 miles or minutes North of the HD event center!  The hotel was within walkin distance from a CrackerBarrel Restaurant(My favorite Restaurant) and a Target!  By this time is was the previous Thursday when we left Commiefornia and here we wer at  the Harley Davidson HQ's.  Like a pilgramage to Mecca(No desire to go there!)  Friday morning around 9A.M. we headed down to the event center we had tickets to the Harley Museum set for 1P.M. but got em changed wen we picked them up at will call!  We got to c the museum early, which was good cause in the couple hours we wer in the and exited the line was stretching for blocks!  Hit the venders, went to the Summerfest area via A/C'ed bus and found unless u purchased an xpensive ticket entry was denied.  Well we wer only going to be there 2 days so we opted not to purchase the tickets!  Gotta tell ya besides purchasing an xpensive tickets for event areas u had to purchase concert tickets on top of that!  Im to old to enjoy the concert scene, if I want to hear music I either buy the CD or steal it off the internet!  Weather this weekend we wer told was out of character for the area, the temps wer in the 90's with a high humidity factor!  It was miserable!  Seeing what we wer going to see here and purchasing r Shirt, Pin and Patch, it was time to head back to Germantown and cool off in the pool!  As soon as we hit the freeway north traffic was at a standstill!  Between the cage drivers cutting me off or the loud, obnoxious speeding bikers, I dont know who pissed me off more!  What should hav been a ten minute drive took better than an hour on a hot, congested freeway, but we finally got to the hotel!  Brad advised he was going to go to Juneau Street the next day, I told him I hav had enuff of these people trying to kill me so he'l b going it alone!  Another fact in this story is one of the reasons we made this pilgramage was to meet up with a friend who earlier in the year had moved from Commiefornia to Tennessee!  Well! He drove his 2 days 800 miles and stayed somewheres south of the event!  Since he arrived in town Wednesday and saw the museum Thursday, the plan was to meet up and hav lunch/dinner or something!  I kept him advised Friday of r status, but he decided he was going to c some stuffed animals(lions) in a museum in Chicago!  Told him we headed back to the hotel and to meet us for lunch at HIS favorite restaurant CrackerBarrel!  Guess driving the xtra 10 miles to visit old friends was to gr8 a distance for him, cause he texted me that we wer PUSSIES for not driving down to meet him!  Xcuse me we just drove over 3000 miles in 7 days compaired to 800 miles in 2 days!  To make a long story short, neither of us has spoke/texted to each other since this incident! 

Well! Sunday is here time to leave!  The plan on heading home is to head North to the Michigan Upper Peninsula, the East to St. Ignace, South thru Mackinaw City and stay in or near Landsing, Mi.  Well we headed North, hit some rain around GreenBay, Wi so we stop to put on foul weather gear!  I think we wer on SR2 near Escanoba, Mi wen it really opened up on us!  We took cover at a gas station overhang and within a half hour it passed!  Wen we made it to St. Ignace it was clear, we paid r $4 toll and headed South thru central Michigan on Hwy75!  Somewheres along the way we decided to hit a back road to get off the freeway and see the state!  we traveled west till we hit SR131 to Cadillac, Mi.  It was during this traverse to find SR131 that we saw the dark clouds!  Thinking we could outrun the pending storm we took a turn and wer hit by a wall of water!  Anyone familiar with these back roads would know there r no rest areas or turnouts, so we had to tuff it out and push thru!  Rain turned to pea sized hail which lasted for around ten minutes, glad I was wearing a helmet!  We finally made it to SR131, got r bearings and continued South to Cadillac!  Gr8 the hotel was right next to a mexican restaurant!  Unknown to us, we had a time change so when we wer able to walk into the place we wer told they wer closed!  Oh Well! BigBoy's was within walkin distance! 

Rained off and on during the night, so wen we got up to leave the next mornin r scooters wer soaked!  At least the water had softened up all the dried bugs on the fairing and windscreen!  Leaving Cadillac we continued south on SR13 1looking for Hwy96 which would dump us on to Hwy80 West!  We made a rest stop near Gary, In and found my bike was hesitant in starting and my security system was giving me problems, best look for a HD shop!  We saw the familiar bar and shield and put in at Michigan City.  Seems my FOB batteries wer dying, so got my replacements for both FOB's and we wer on the road again!  About Michigan!  Beautiful state trees and green everywheres, with the xception of what Ive heard about Detroit I'd say it was one of the prettiest places Ive been to!  Well! We skirted Gary, In and Chicago, Il, didnt want to spend money there anyways!  We pushed on to make it to Davenport, Ia!  Found a decent hotel, got directions to the HD shop that was less than a mile away!  Rode over to Harley only to find they wer closed for Labor Day!  Texas RoadHouse across the street, guess wer we ate?  Once again the pool was calling us, and after a decent cigar, got another good nights sleep for an early departure! 

Next day we made it to Grand Island, Ne and finally had r mexican dinner!  Continueing west we veered from Hwy80 to Hwy76 into Colorado!  The plan was to get to Vail, Co, but pricing hotels on the internet made us change r minds and stayed 20 miles away in Frisco, Co.  Pizza night nearby and a good nights sleep! 

Next morning continueing west we traveled some really pretty canyons and cliffs!  Upon leaving the Rockies we entered the Desert, although high desert, it was definitely desert!  Tonights plan was to end up in Delta, Ut, but for the first time we found that ther we no rooms available in town, the only option was to push on to Ely, Nv!  I beleive this was a 624mile day wen we arrived in Ely with daylight to spare!  Knew it was Nevada cause we wer stayin at a casino!  Another mexican meal and back to watch Denver/Baltimore game! 

Wer almost home, we just had to travel the ruffest, and lonliest part of HWY50!  Thers a reason this road is called "the Lonliest Road in America" , we pretty much owned the road.  Be a hell of a place to break down, we had plenty of water an stopped to drink regularly!  Final night on the road put us at the Carson Valley Inn in MInden, Nv.  Prior to that though we made r stop at Carson City HD, didnt buy anything, just stopped!  We both thought we wer going to party hardy at the casino, but guess we thought wrong after a couple beers I told Brad I was beat I gotta get some sleep!  He said he was to but didnt want to b the first to give in! 

Next morning since we wer less than 3 hrs from home we figured we'd leave late so around 9A.M. we stopped for gas to head out!  while at the gas stop we wer eyeballed by a mbr of a club wearing a P.O.B.O.B.(Nevada)Patch!  Dont know who they r, thought that was the forerunners of the HAMC!  This is the first time during the whole trip we wer not wearing r patches(well not the first we didnt wear em in Milwaukee).  So we left without any trouble and upon arriving in Jackson, Ca we made r traditional long ride ending stop at Mel's Cafe!  About an hour later I left Brad heading south on Jacktone Road while I headed West on Eight Mile Road. 

We both made it home safe and sound!  We wer gone for 14 days and traveled 6100plus miles!  Saw the real America, which makes me more than every want to leave Commiefornia!